Events and Announcements

Hello All,

We may all have witnessed the power of prayer at some time in our lives, either for someone we care about or for ourselves. At St Paul’s we have a prayer chain that you can turn to and give your prayers. Please contact Pat Rogers 250 624-4667 with your prayer requests, or call Pat to become a member of the chain. The power of prayer works!

Have you checked the Church Memorial Book lately? This book, located at the top of the main stairs, contains photographs and a short history of gifts in memory of these special people, help us to remember them and support our memorial fund. Donations given to honor special events in someone’s life, such as anniversaries, birthdays, or other special blessings from God are also welcomed. Donations can be made by designating on your offering envelope or through the church office.

Our regular Fun Nights are on hold during this Covid-19 crisis. We are very hopeful that in the next few weeks we can get back to normal and gather for potlucks and games around the table but until we can do so safely we’re just not going to do it.

Have a blessed week!

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